Thursday, 6 October 2011

Day 4: Almost the end of week1!!!!


Today is Day4 and let me tell you... the pain is still here!:/

Being a dedicated (I try) challenger I have stuck through most of my exercise plan even though when I wake up I feel as if I have been hit by a train. Thanks to Day 1s lunges and core workout, my legs haven't forgiven me since.

Today is Cardio session 2 where I shall be doing Interval training. Choosing one cardio exercise (cycling perhaps for me), I must push hard for 2 minutes and rest for 1 minute until I have completed 20-40 minutes of hard work! Sound easy? Atleast there is no AB session before which usually must be done prior to Cardio every second day of the week. Except Thursdays :D

Now if you don't live in South Africa or perhaps you do but not into these type of things, let me give you a brief overview of what exactly USN is:

USN stand for "Ultimate Sports Nutrition", it is a South African sports supplement used to increase performance. The USN 12-week challenge is a competition that helps individuals who need to change their lifestyle by supplying a simple, easy-to-follow guide for 12 weeks to help reach their goals, may it be muscle mass for men or rapid fat loss for women.
  Every year USN selects finalists in each category being male and females individual, over 50s, best couple, best personal trainer etc. The winner of the individual sections receives R50 000.( I need the money to travel, I reckon next years Wimbledon will do!)

The challenge of course lasts 12 weeks and boom! If you don't win the money you still got the body :)

I'm looking forward to end of week 1! I know 'Rome wasn't built in a day!' but atleast I will feel as if im actually following something for a change (diet wise). Although this isn't a diet plan... as we professionals say.. "It's a healthy nutritional eating plan!" Sounds more effective and legit ;)

Sitting in a hospital currently,standing in for my sister who needs passports to spend Christmas in Botswana, so I have volunteered on my holiday to answer calls and take down Indian names of patients which I can't spell to save my life. Thank goodness im not in India, would have been worse.

The only thing I looked forward to at 10 this morning? Diet fuel Ultralean! Perfect combination of Carbs, fats and protein to keep me running till Lunch!

Diet Fuel UltraLean

 Try it out if you looking for an effective meal replacement low in calories! Its yummy and convenient if you are on the go :)

Signing out and counting down the minutes till I get to leave work!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A start to THE challenge!

Hello Bloggers!!!

I am new at this whole blogging business BUT I thought i'd give it a bash and let everyone in on my new adventure. Mission? The USN 12-week challenge!

After several hours of hard thinking and research, I finally decided to try this challenge that I had randomly seen on adverts and billboards every now and again.Women going from plump to chiseled...hmmm. Now not having the most sexiest body you have ever seen and would most likely not even notice on the sidewalk, I figured I needed a bit of a 'tone up'.
Being a short and slightly curvaceous individual hasn't worked too bad for me in the past but being a dancer and tennis player AND on the verge of becoming a Dietitian, I would have thought id look a little better than this by now!

I eat well... even though that includes a bar of chocolate every now and again when the craving comes like a hurricane. The gym plan was going good with the bestie, 5-6 days a week but it just wasn't enough.... So I hurried my little (really isn't that little but still nice) ass to Dischem and bought myself the Transformation starter kit! (Thanks to the very gorgeous sports suppliment promotor in the store whose abs could  melt a block of butter.) And that was it! R700 later and I had only a 2 week supply :(

Now im currently on Day3 which is where this blog starts.

First 2 days were fun and easy when it comes to the eating plan that is. I think I must be pushing back 13 tablets a day not to mention the Meal replacements which have a subtle hint of strawberry yum and the Protein dessert you get to eat just before bed.. yes you read correct... JUST before bed!. Despite feeling like a new drug addict I can feel the fat burning. Success! Now the gym plan is something else... I am quite fit for my age but that core session left my best friend hating me the next day when she couldn't walk up or down the stairs to her room (I was even worse, thanks to my new tennis coach.)

Well Im hoping my 2nd strength training session of the week will leave me feeling a little better than the 1st. Hopefully my legs will relax a little before this afternoon...

Usually eat a white ommelet with mushrooms, red peppers, toasted rye and an orange for breakfast... but feels like i've had enough eggs for now... off to eat oats.